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About Foodle


Foodle LLC.

Founded in 2004, Foodle LLC. is one of the fastest growing content providers on the Internet. While Foodle's main focus over the last year has primarily been on the Restaurant Industry through Foodle.net, Foodle LLC. operates a network of web sites accessed by over 25,000 people, viewing in excess of 150,000 web pages per day.

Foodle.net can make your restaurant stand out of the crowd. With new people in town, they'll have instant access to your menu and details about your restaurant. For those that simply want to order and just don't have the menu at home, now they do!

Some of our many lines of business are described below:


Online Restaurant Menus


Foodle.net provides complete online menus categorized by location and cuisine. How many times have you want to order from the place around the corner but just didn't have the menu at home? Now you do!

Quite often one of your kitchen drawers becomes a collection bin for all your takeout menus. Foodle.net frees up that drawer to do what it was intended to do, not hold menus!

After months of use we all know that chinese takeout menu is barely readable. It has writing on it from every order placed. Well now you can simply print out a new copy whenever you need to!